Fucking Cokeheads

Let me tell you what i hate: fucking cokeheads. I don’t understand the thought process of someone who likes to pay money to purchase a substance that makes them uneasy and impotent. I hate the fact that rich, white people do coke and somehow feel like they are re-enacting the good parts of Pulp Fiction and not a 30 minute chemistry process away from being the crackhead Dave Chapell.

I hate the fact that people can spend an entire night only listening to the same top 40’s songs and doing coke and then turn and look down on me and say that I am boring. Literally you have done nothing at all tonight. I have had more fun on a Tuesday completely sober than you have had this entire month coked out. I can’t help but feel disdain for these fucks as they sway and twitch unknowingly and repeat themselves and ask the same goddamn questions over and over. Do you know that if you are on coke, you literally think that you are having fun but in reality you are just doing coke. And no, you may not do a line off of my tits. Because I said so. Because the last thing that I want near me is your dry mouth heavy breathing over me while you try to overcome the dilated pupils you have succumbed to in order to see a white line. And forget trying to convince me to do any of it. I would rather be anally fucked with no lube than stick that shit up my nose. Bleck. End #workrant